About Us
Our Story

Delphi Technology Corp was founded by Alan and Mike, who were two former air force colleagues. However, their ambitions led them to follow different career paths. Fast forward to today, Alan and Mike reacquainted, they established Delphi Technology Corp, pulled a team and created the concept of VR City – a virtual aviation training platform for future aviators.

Founded in 2019, our team at Delphi Technology Corp, together with our group of incredible partners are developing products and services to be the technological standard of adaptive aviation training. With VR City, we provide students and aviation companies engaging, self-paced learning experiences and solutions with the integration of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality. In this modern era, we believe the integration and continuous innovation of our emerging technology in digital aviation training lead towards a successful future.


We are committed to empower aspiring professionals, by enabling adaptive, accessible and quality competency-based training for the next generation.


We envision a sustainable future where quality education is accessible for everyone. 

“Passion is the genesis of genius.”
– Anthony Robbins