Cracking The Code: Our First Team Outing in Calgary

As a reward for a busy, yet successful summer, our Delphi Technology Corp. employees that are based in Calgary headed to The Locked Room on 32nd Avenue in YYC for some team-building fun! After months of working remotely and only interacting through screens, we were finally able to see each other in person. 

In this escape room, our team took on the personas of pirates that were locked inside a prison. We had one hour to solve the puzzles inside in order to escape. From deciphering riddles to finding hidden messages around the room, we were able to make our way out of the locked room with only eleven minutes to spare! From airplanes to pirate pirate ships, what will the Delphi Team explore next? 

Establishing a strong team dynamic is vital to fostering a productive and engaging workspace. Delphi Technology Corp. is a strong believer in this, and as such, we make a point of including enjoyable, collaborative activities on a regular basis. Below, you will find some of the benefits that result from effective team building at our company.

Learning New Skills

Doing different activities can encourage collaboration, communication, and the development of teamwork skills amongst team members. The Locked Room was a particularly great choice of activity, as it allowed for us to practice work-related skills while still having a blast. Skills that are required in our everyday work tasks–like creativity, problem-solving, lateral-thinking and innovation–were being applied and enhanced through the puzzles in the room. These skills that are being learned in an enjoyable environment can easily be transferred into our everyday work.

Improved Work Environment

When coworkers develop stronger connections, they become more engaged within the team and the company, therefore increasing productivity. The trust and communication that is created through these activities can also help with mitigating conflicts in the workplace. A decline in conflict allows for the promotion of cooperation instead of competition in the office. Along with a more positive work environment, team building activities also motivate workers to learn from each other and find value in each other’s skills. This makes the office a more accepting place where team members celebrate each other’s talents.

Building Relationships

On top of improving many valuable skills, our team building activities also helped the Delphi team members learn more about each other. We got to discover more of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and we figured out how to best work as a team in a way that maximizes those strengths. By allowing workers to interact and have fun together outside of work, it promotes team bonding over positive experiences.

We ended our day by having dinner at Earl’s where we had some delicious appetizers. While we were there, we were able to get to know each other even more by chatting about our hobbies and interests. As a result of our dinner, we became closer as a team and developed stronger connections with one another. At the end of the night, our boss and company co-founder Alan Tay said a few words of gratitude towards the rest of the team. The feeling of appreciation and value amongst the group made for a perfect way to end a fun night.

So, Why is Team Building important?

Team building should be a crucial element in every workspace. By just incorporating simple team building activities into the company calendar, it will result in increased skills of individuals, better connections between team members, and higher morale company wide. The locked room activity allowed us to develop our communication, problem solving, and quick thinking skills while also spending fun, quality time together as a team.