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With increasing skills gaps in the labour force, on-demand training has never been more relevant. We are proud to provide innovative solutions that support the delivery of adaptive learning for accredited training delivered in Canada, and around the world. We embed artificial intelligence (AI) in our solutions, to assess and present course content that automatically adapts to individual needs, accelerating the pace of learning and empowering them to succeed. 

Virtual Learning Reimagined
Space Shuttle

A platform to deliver any subject matter, for any audience in the world.

VR City is a virtual campus (also known as a Metaverse), which simulates real-life learning communities. Here we are reshaping education and training for the future — bringing immersive and engaging training experiences to learners all over the world.

VR City can help cut delivery costs, provide data analytics that can help refine learning experience and progress, and makes it easy to tailor courses for a variety of learning styles.

Discover how we can truly transform the way you teach, train and learn.

Host your courses on Delphi’s metaverse training platform

Host it With Us

Take advantage of VR City, our affordable, interactive training platform to host your courses—you’ll increase networking, facilitate greater interactivity and experience immersive virtual reality.

Here you can make your best trainer available in a virtual world. Increase your training capacity by 5X and decrease overall training time by 25%.

We provide customized resources and learning activities

Customized Virtual Training

We can customize your training for our digital learning environment, while supporting you in testing and delivery, providing you valuable insights and feedback.

You don’t need to be a digital expert to be a successful trainer in the Metaverse – we can do the digital heavy lifting for you!