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Virtual Learning Reimagined

We provide the virtual training tools you need to achieve your goal. We cater to the different learning styles of the new generation and meet the needs of future training demands in the aeronautics industry.

“The great growling engine
of change – technology.”
– Alvin Toffler
VR City is the virtual community providing aspiring aviators the learning tools to fly, socialize and have fun. At VR City, there are 4 main features – LMFlight, ManeuvAIR, FlightForge, and Skyleus. This summer, we’re having a MVP launch for VR City Alpha product!
Future Product
Coming soon! We are currently developing new and better features for VR City Beta.
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Delphi is committed to consistently improve our users’ experiences by merging cutting-edge technology and high-quality teaching materials. We believe that our solutions have what it takes to help you make your dream career a reality.