Private: Intermediate DevOps Cloud Developer

Job Closing Date: 02/17/2022

Delphi Technology Corp’s mission is to inspire the next generation of aspiring aviators. Founded in 2019, our team at Delphi Technology Corp, together with our group of incredible partners are developing products and services to be the technological standard of adaptive aviation training.
With VR City, we provide students and aviation companies engaging, self-paced learning experiences and solutions with the integration of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality. VR City also provides a collaborative, research-based learning that incorporates a rewards-oriented approach for students.
At Delphi Technology Corp, we strive to enhance our customers’ experiences through seeking valuable feedback to further improve our products. In this modern era, we believe the integration and continuous innovation of our emerging technology in digital aviation training lead towards a successful future.
As a valuable member of our development team, this role is for an Intermediate DevOps Cloud Developer. Your job will be to work mainly in the backend of the cloud in order to design, build, and maintain a vast network of our various applications. In the interest of keeping our systems secure and maintained, we analyzed a number of online job postings to identify these primary duties and responsibilities.

Conduct Research
A significant portion of a cloud developers time will be spent conducting research on plugin
development, various website builders, cloud services, API implementation, and database design.
This must be done on a regular basis in order to stay caught up on recent information.

Interpret Data
Often you will be dealing with multiple languages, services, and frameworks on the cloud. A
successful developer must be able to see the many different systems and communications as a
whole. A broad understanding of different technologies in RESTful APIs, HTML, TCP/IP, DNS,
and client server systems is absolutely essential.

Make Recommendations
While designing and managing systems, and conducting research on possible solutions to
technical problems we face on a day to day basis, a cloud developer will have to discuss their
conclusions about the findings of their research, higher-level employees such as the CEO will
expect them to propose a recommended course of action. Often, this will involve drafting a fullyfledged proposal for higher-level staff to review.

Keep Records and document code
The cloud developer must track and record information on the types of systems they use to
implement a particular solution, track project and software changes, and maintain proper version
control of software in order to allow for others to understand what exactly a piece of code is
doing, and how to debug a system in the event that a problem arises.

Intermediate Cloud Developer’s Skills
Successful candidates are goal oriented, highly motivated individuals who thrive off of constant
analysis and improvement. In addition to these general traits and abilities, we are looking for
Candidate with the following skills:
• Attention to Detail: In order to make sense of thousands of pieces of information, and in
order to design and manage our software and systems, cloud developers need to be
extremely attentive to detail.
• Strong focus on security: A strong focus towards network and system security is
absolutely essential. Often just because a system works, doesn’t mean that it’s secure. A
system is only as secure as it’s weakest link, and so proper planning needs to be
completed before a project is carried out in order to make sure we are keeping our data
and information safe.
• Multitasking: A cloud developer work will frequently revolve around several different
projects and timelines. Because of this, the ability to multitask is essential.
• Ability to prioritize tasks: Because of our fast paced environment, a successful
candidate must be able to keep a backlog of tasks which need to be completed in order to
keep our system up to date and secure. The skill of prioritization is an incredible asset to
getting the proper tasks completed in a timely manner.
• Interpersonal Skills: Since developers need to collaborate with a great number of other
people on a daily basis, some of which come from non technical backgrounds, they must
have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
• Problem Solving: In the world of information technology, it is very rare for a
recommended course of action to be immediately approved or go off without a hitch.
Often you will need to make comparisons of different solutions, and brainstorm with the
rest of the team before one is chosen.
• Ability to Work Independently: Due to the nature of your work, you will need to
perform the majority of your duties without direct supervision. Because of this,
employers value developers who are capable of working independently.

Required Qualifications/Experience:
• Post-secondary education in client server systems or computer and systems engineering.
• 3-5 years experience working on a information technology team or with a software
• Experience in server configuration and maintenance.
• Understanding of basic TCP/IP networking, as well of a understanding of different high
  and low level communication protocols.
• A good understanding of client server systems, relational databases, and web servers
  running Apache or NGINX.
• Basic understanding of SSL and data encryption techniques.
• Comfortable with using Linux and command line terminals.
• Ability to program in PHP or Python.
• Interest and understanding of drone industry or passion on aviation industry
• Must have the hustle and drive to take initiative and make things happen!
• Microsoft Office proficiency.

Desired Qualifications/Experience:
• BS degree in computer engineering or computer science.
• Experience in cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google
  cloud would be an asset.
• Experience in version control systems, such as Git would be desired.

Job Types: Full Time;

Salary: DOE Canadian & Canada PR is preferred.
Language: Fluent in English

Working days: Monday to Friday. 40 hr per week
Benefits: Flexible schedule, Comprehensive Extended Health and Dental Benefits

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