An Aviator, Entrepreneur, and Achiever, Alan is the Co-Founder of Delphi Technology Corp. With over 20 years of aviation experience as an ATPL Class 1 Instructor, he strives to develop creative solutions to let aspiring aviators pursue their dreams.
Alan’s career highlights include: assisting in developing the first online ground school in Canada in 2005, integrating Pilot and Asia Cadet Programs in both Moncton and Buttonville, holding a Senior Executive position at major China MNCs, and achieving the top selling domestic brand in China, in which he improved the light small aircraft sales by twenty times within 18 months.
Alan’s work responsibilities range from commercializing new products to developing an aviation business group. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, traveling skiing, camping, playing golf and badminton.
Alan holds a Master postgraduate of Aviation Management degree, earned his MBA in Aeronautics, Aviation and Aerospace in University of Newcastle and holds a Honours Bachelor degree in Information Technology in CQUniversity.


An accomplished aviation expert, Mike is the Co-Founder at Delphi Technology Corp. With a life-long passion for aviation, technology and teaching, Mike develops advanced and adaptive training systems and curriculum authoring for aviation training. With over 35 years of aviation experience, he holds an ATPL and has flown a wide range of aircrafts in both military and commercial sectors. His extensive military and commercial career included combat operations into war-torn Iraq during Ops Enduring Freedom and many Humanitarian Missions such as the Boxing Day Tsunami disaster. He left the Air Force as Commander Transport Group, in charge of all Transport Squadrons for the Republic of Singapore Air Force. As an innovator and an avid musician, he started DreamTime Music, an online guitar retailer. In his free time, he plays the electric guitar with Morpheus Dream, his prog-rock band. Mike is currently continuing his education with the University of New South Wales in Aviation Management.

"The Storyteller"

An adventurous marketing enthusiast, Melika is a Digital Marketing Intern who joined Delphi Technology Corp in December 2020. With an eager attitude, a thinking-outside-of-the-box mindset, and a passion for Public Relations, she ensures that Delphi’s brand identity is well-represented in the Aviation and Aerospace industry. Her biggest accomplishment is achieving the third place in the largest student-run marketing case competition in Western Canada. In her free time, she loves finding new chocolate flavours, playing piano, and baking. Melika is currently finishing her Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in Marketing at University of Manitoba.

"The Copywriter"

A writer at heart, Darley is a Digital Marketing Intern who joined Delphi Technology Corp in January 2021. With a passion for marketing, writing and graphic design, Darley utilizes her marketing knowledge to create and write persuasive, creative content for Delphi Technology Corp. Her biggest accomplishment is creating an effective google ad campaign for Micro Tool & Machine Ltd that generated high value results. When she is not typing away, she can be usually found playing guitar, baking, watching anime and tv shows. Outside of work, she volunteers as a VP Marketing in Asper MISA, a student group for those interested in both business and technology. Darley is currently finishing her Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op) in Marketing at University of Manitoba.

"The Cook"

A passionate computer enthusiast, John Bo is a Junior DevOps Cloud Developer who joined the Delphi Technology Corp team in April 2021. With a strong interest in computers, John focuses mainly on designing, building and maintaining a vast network of Delphi Technology Corp’s various applications. He loves overcoming new challenges and learning more about the technological industry. One of his most notable achievements was returning to his cousins in France despite not knowing any French. When he isn't writing code, you can find John cooking or hosting a weekly dinner party with his friends in the summer. He holds a diploma in Business Information Technology from Red River College.

"The Brains"

An intuitive troubleshooter, Michael is a Machine Learning intern at Delphi Technology Corp who joined in September 2020. With his problem-solving skills and his passion in technology, Michael develops AI that trains future pilots through flight simulations and gamifications of different flight tasks. His biggest accomplishment is teaching his beloved, headstrong Weiner dog extraordinary tricks. Aside from work, he enjoys rock climbing, playing volleyball, and working on various projects. He is currently finishing his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at University of Manitoba.

"The Creator"

A creative content creator, Julian is an E-learning intern who joined Delphi Technology Corp. in September 2020. With a passion for creating content and proper education for students, Julian focuses on making learning modules for students in the STEM program. His biggest accomplishments are working for Delphi and getting a scholarship in high school. His hobbies include video games and sports – specifically volleyball. Outside of work, he does mainly school projects. He is currently pursuing a diploma in Business Information Technology from Red River College.

"The Dynamic Designer"

A versatile and adventurous creator, Erin is an E-learning intern who joined Delphi Technology Corp. in May 2021. With a passion for computers and a strong sense of teamwork, she focuses on creating informative and interactive aviation and aerospace-related content for STEM students. Outside of work, she loves to create digital art and spend her spare time with her friends playing Dungeon and Dragons. She is currently pursuing a diploma in Business Information Technology from Red River College.

"The Troubleshooter"

An avid learner and problem solver, Evan is a Junior DevOps Intern who joined Delphi Technology Corp in May 2021. With a passion for software development, Evan is responsible for operating the cloud's backend to plan, develop, and manage the vast network of applications at Delphi Technology Corp. Evan is an outdoors enthusiast who enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and is a die-hard Jets fan. Outside of work, he is honing his software abilities with the aim of contributing to open-source initiatives in the future. Evan holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Economics from University of Winnipeg and is currently pursuing a Business Information Technology Diploma in Red River College.

"The Cosmopolitan"

A creative programmer, Valeriia is a DevOps Intern and joined Delphi Technology Corp in May 2021. With a passion for graphic design and programming, Valeriia is responsible for working on the backend of the cloud to design, build and maintain the vast network of applications and creating various graphics for E-learning content. Her career highlight includes creating and designing monthly magazines for well-known restaurants in Ukraine. Not only does Valeria enjoy reading, but she also loves socializing. She also volunteers for various activities associated with cabin construction, including railing installation, deck staining, and landscaping. Valeriia holds a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics (NURE), Ukraine and is currently pursuing a diploma in Business Information Technology at Red River College.

Liu Yang is an administrative assistant who joined Delphi Technology in April 2020. With a passion for working with people, Liu Yang is instrumental in providing administrative assistance to our Delphi Technology Corp teams. As she prefers working in an easy-going and friendly team culture, she enjoys working with the various dynamic teams in Delphi Technology Corp and loves to be a part of a growing company. Her biggest career highlight is learning new things all the time. Outside of work, she loves watching Korean dramas. Liu Yang holds a Master’s degree in public administration (China) and completed an Applied Business Management course at University of Manitoba.

"Smart Guy"

Matthew E. Taylor (Matt) is a tenured associate professor in computer science at University of Alberta who joined Delphi Technology Corp in 2019. His current fundamental and applied research interests are in reinforcement learning, human-in-the-loop AI, multi-agent systems, and robotics. Supervised by Peter Stone, Matthew received his doctorate from the University of Texas in 2008. Together with Mililind Tambe, he completed a two-year post-doctoral research position at the University of Southern California and spent 2.5 years as an assistant professor at Lafayette College. He was also an assistant at Washington State University. Currently, he is also a Fellow-in-Residence at the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute and remains an adjunct professor at Washington State University. Matthews career highlights include: holding the Allred Distinguished Professorship in AI in Washington state university, assisting in the start of the Royal Bank of Canada AI lab, becoming a residence at the Alberta Machine intelligence institute, publishing over 120 peer-reviewed papers, and being a PI/Co-PI on over $6M USD in competitively awarded research funding from federal state and industrial sources, including the National Science Foundation CAREER award.

Carrie is an assistant professor in the Department of Computing Science at University of Alberta and joined Delphi Technology Corp in January 2021. With a passion for helping people in terms of education, product development and research, she has taught computer science to students ranging from primary school students on a reserve to university students. Under the guidance of Professor Ronald M. Baecker, Carrie conducted her PhD in Computer Science in the area of mobile assisted language learning. Her MSc is focused on the use of technology to support language learning and performed under the guidance of Dr Gordon I. McCalla. She also started her career in education technology at ARIES, which served as her home during her MSc and later parts of her BSc (computer science and Russian). Since starting her language-learning career in a French immersion primary school and studying Russian, she has spent over 10 years designing, implementing, and evaluating tutoring technologies to help students learn a foreign language. Carrie has also worked on iHelp and Recollect projects that helped post-secondary education more accessible and other projects (ProTutor and VOcabNomad), which enhances the learning processes and outcomes of students.

"The Coordinator"

A diligent, dedicated and reliable organizer with an outgoing personality, Salina is a Human Resource Coordinator who joined Delphi Technology Corp in June 2021. With a passion for managing and enhancing human resources, she is responsible for managing all employee-related matters in which she has a significant impact on employees' work lives and helps Delphi Technology Corp. to achieve its objectives through efficient resourcing. Her greatest accomplishment thus far has been obtaining an internship with Delphi Technology Corp. When she is not implementing human resource strategies, she enjoys singing, exercising, cooking, and has recently taken up gardening. Outside of work, she runs an online family business founded this year by her family. Salina is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op) in Human Resources at University of Manitoba.

Delivering game changing solutions for business engagement, strategy and talent. Combining design and technology along with a unique global view of business strategy. Life is not just about what you do but more about how you do it. I turned my 'now' into my 'next' and I am focused on helping individuals and organisations to define their next.

Calling upon years of experience in growth and financial planning, my mission has always been to help push businesses towards growth. I combine years of experience in finance, marketing, sales, and project management to achieve the vision of each organization I work with. Driven by a passion for entrepreneurship, I’ve helped many start-ups navigate their early stages, both as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at North Forge Technology Exchange and a mentor for UBCO Entrepreneurship Center. As a General Partner of Okanagan Women’s Angel Network (WEL), I am dedicated to correcting the imbalance between investor financing of female-led ventures.